Getting Better…

Here we are again, on a Sunday morning following a week in which I was asked to get documents together to re-apply and interview for (yes, you read that correctly!) my existing job, and after the screen froze again the other night, and I thought: “Aha! Time to share the experience at my Vivaldi blog!”

So here we go…

In the course of researching the “little issue” on the Internet, I discovered that some users had found that by uninstalling the “task-plasma5-minimal” with “task-plasma5”, many “little issues” could be mitigated, and this appears to be true; likewise, as one would expect that the driver for a more recent graphics card would have fewer “little issues”, this has also proven to be true.

However, there have been several “freezes” since the new graphics card was installed last Saturday, and the consistent element seems to be when a web page (in Vivaldi) calls for a refresh; something there causes the whole desktop to freeze, whereas processes such as media playing will continue to operate in the background at least until there is some kind of feedback from the UI (or lack thereof) which brings everything to a silent halt.

Therefore, although everything is generally great (and the improvement in resolution also brought a welcome increase in colour depth), there are still some occasional freezes and they seem to be associated with refresh signals for web pages such as (for example) Facebook and (possibly) YouTube (but there are others).

Does anyone have a solution for this?

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